Keegan and Viktor's puppies arrived June 25th

Smaller Standard Poodle Puppies
Moyen sized Poodle Puppies

Puppies will be personality tested the day they turn 49 days old
you can pick your puppy according to size/color now or wait until after the personality testing

Puppies Pedigree,

puppies are clear by parentage with NE and vWD

COI  10 generations  2.24%

COI  12 generations  3.29%

Available Puppies


he's the smallest boy and lightest red puppy out of this litter.  He's a moyen and will be an apricot/lighter red for $1,800


has a tiny white spot on his chest, he's a pretty darkish red

he's not that small, he and Ozzi take turns getting bigger.  I expect them to be their momma's size about 23" (give or take a few) 

Obi is available for $2,200


darkest of the red puppies he's available for $2,500

named after his great grandfather, Ozzi Gold

Ozzi and Obi take turns growing bigger than each other.  I expect them to be a smaller standards like their momma (give or take a few)


darkest red puppy with no white, she's a real beauty

Omorose is available for $2,500


solid red with a wave of highlights down her top side, she's solid red, no white, she is a medium red.  Really nice puppy will be a smaller standard about 19-21"

Olivia is available for $2,200


solid dark red girl with no white

she's a moyen puppy, she's square and heavier bodied like her daddy Viktor

Octavia is available for $2,500


she is solid red with no white, medium red

she's a standard poodle puppy on the smaller size probably ~22" give or take

Orchid also a beauty, available for $2,200


She's dark red, the flash made her chin & chest look brighter than they really are.  In person barely able to see her white chin.

Oakley is a darkish puppy available for $2,200


she has the most white (lip, small blaze, three feet/toes) she's the smallest puppy and definitely a moyen girl.  She' is quiet & darling.

we are keeping Ovia

3 weeks 5 days old

July 21, 2014